White Alice : Information Technology Without Satellite

Launching of the Soviet Union’s satellite, Sputnik in 1957 was the beginning of propaganda with satellite as the motive. Eventually there had been a sophisticated technology hid by them since 1955 which is called White Alice.

Following is the video of White Alice :

White Alice (1950) is an information technology without satellite which formerly was only utilized by The US air forces. The working of this rapid information transfer is by sending information through panel shooter waves into the air which is then reflected into the atmosphere and received in the receiver location.

Basically the atmosphere can reflect the signal without satellite. This proves that in fact satellite is actually not needed, as the function of satellite had already been prepared and created by God with the presence of the atmosphere. White alice technology is anti tapping and its signal is almost impossible to be tapped on the way.

Behind The Satellite Business

Sputnik is considered to replace the function of White Alice. Whereas nowadays white alice technology is still in use because they are very safe and effective. The thing that had been reported is that the technology of white alice had been stopped and been replaced by satellite. The opposite fact happened instead.

White alice technology is still being developed and utilized to these days, meanwhile it is satellite that is to be in trade. This is a top secret of military. There will be no news on the media and the Global Elite gained billion revenues from this satellite hoax business.


  • Sky can reflect signals (technology of white alice). No need to pay for the highly expensive satellite.
  • NASA has been deceiving in order to take advantage of the world’s economy through propaganda of the satellite where the long term target is to take over the world with the mission of providing loans. All countries will be led to bankruptcy with debts, and it had been in design since hundreds of years.

This is the time to stop these lies! Please share this info if you agree. Then, who actually is the Global Elite? What is the purpose of deceiving the rest of the world? We will discuss all of it in a special article, about Global Elite.

Source : http://www.melinweb.com/white-alice-teknologi-informasi-tanpa-satellite/

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