Verification of NASA’s Official Photos are Hoax

The issue about earth’s true shape is recently back to become trending topic again. We found out arguments about this since November 2015 when the keyword of Flat Earth was on the top list and was the trending topic on Google Trend. A thing that was questioned was whether the earth’s true shape is round or flat like a disc. We were rethinking couple of times to discuss about this issue on our page. Finally we have concluded that Flat Earth does make more sense and compatible to facts. You can check all the findings that we’ve mentioned are matched to the facts, on this website.

The more this web’s visitors increasing everyday, the more we start to receive numerous comments. Of course we sorted all the comments first, there are pros and cons. We understand that accepting flat earth’s concept is not easy. Some people will be surely laughing or mocking at this issue as this sounds silly and ridiculous to them. That assumption was made thousand years as we have been convinced systematically through education that earth is round.

Typical of People in Receiving New Information

Little bit out of topic discussion, I’d like to share 4 kind of people from the perspective on receiving new information.

1. Person who doesn’t have any idea because this person hasn’t knew yet about a thing.
This kind of person can be categorized as “common fool” and this type of person is still open to new information. Common fool is an empty cup that can be filled with any new knowledge.

2. Person who doesn’t have any idea that he or she actually knows a thing.
This kind of person can be categorized as “sleeping”. He or she does not realize things right before his or her eyes. It happened since he or she received 0 information at the first time (when he or she was still a “common fool”). Hence, it caused systemized doctrine that made this person does not notice the fact he or she had been through. This “sleeping” type can still be awaken. This is the most type we can find as the Flat Earth believers.


3. Person who already knew that he or she noticed a thing.
This is the ideal type to be a leader. This type realized when he or she did right or wrong. This kind of person can bring themselves and receive all the input, has stable emotion, no hurry to act and analyzing feedback or new information until he finds the right conclusion.

4. Person who has no idea that he or she doesn’t know.
This is the most pathetic type as this is the type that is expected by the Elite Global. We can considered this type as “Double Stupid.” This person is not able to receive new information. It is not that easy to convince this kind of person that he or she actually was deceived. It is far easier to deceive someone than to convince someone that he or she was deceived. This type of person, many times cannot even see an elephant right before their eyes. This type of person mostly hard to be honest and admits that what he belief all these times was wrong. His reason is usually nonsense and tends to mock people who has different principal with him.

Hopefully any of you are not categorized as no. 4. Why do we hope so? The truth is the thing we need to seek and to pass on to all of human kind.

Photoshop Has Proven NASA’s Official Photos Are Hoax

Since we were in school, there were many theories to prove that the earth’s shape is round to be taught to convince us. Yet according to the history and fact in the field, those theories have not been proven and it is precisely the opposite.

One from so many that made us believe the earth is round are the official photos that were released by NASA which to be stated as genuine and were taken from satellite. Thus, where did the earth’s photos come from? Those can be from anywhere, one thing for sure NASA was one who claimed to be able to penetrate the space and took photograph all the objects in space. So, we need to find out the authenticity of the photographs.

One of the easiest ways to prove whether or not a photo is original is by using the Photoshop. Even you, a novice can do this as long as you already installed the software in your device. The tutorial to prove that NASA’s official photos are hoax is as follows!

First of all, choose and download the earth’s photo from here. I took a sample, a photo of the earth that was claimed to be taken from Apollo 15 as follows:


Second step, open the photo on your Photoshop and edit it by increasing the Brightness and lowering the Contrast. Click option Image – Adjustment – Brightness and Contrast then increasing the Brightness and lowering the Contrast after, and click OK. The result is as follows:


Actually from the first edit, you must have seen something strange with the photo. So, do the second step for maximum results and the result will be like follows:


Have a look at the circle around the earth photo! Without the need to be an expert you can see that there is a distinct black color, and it is a result from the former cropping.

An original photo that was taken from a camera shouldn’t has any cropping. If what I explained you is less convincing, you may try yourself and prove it it with your device.

We at first, would like to make a tutorial video, but when we search on Youtube there is someone who already made it with the other photo of earth, it is earth’s photo from the Apollo 16 and this represents what we already explained. Check this one out!

Try and Prove it yourself!

If you have any comments or input please do not hesitate and feel free to post it. All the pros and cons are welcome. I am sure, you can somehow answer it logically. Keep Rising Flat Earth Believers and Keep Visiting

Anyway, which type of person are you?

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