Reveal The Truth About Flat Earth

Surprised is a reflection shown when one found out something that he or she had not figure out  before.  What would it be when one discovered a thing that he or she believed as a truth for the entire life, was actually a  manipulation? He or she would possibly be thunderstruck. Since we were children all of us have been told that our earth is round, sphere, or globe shaped as follows:


Earth is round has been believed in the whole world way more than any other faith in life. So, what is in your mind if some one tells you that earth is actually flat like a disc instead of sphere with from the top-appearance like follows :

You would say that the person is definitely “INSANE, FOOL, SILLY, MAD”, wouldn’t you?

That is also what inside our mind when we discovered the issue about flat earth in November 2015. When the keyword “Flat Earth” became trending topic we tried to find out what has exactly made those people in Flat Earth society believed in that perception. Then the answer is pretty serious.


Before the research, we were trying to make a couple of question based on our belief all these times that earth is round, to see whether or not it would be denied by the flat earth theory.

Questions to disprove The idea of Flat Earth Map

Our questions are :

1. What about the round earth pictures have been taken with satellites? Furthermore we have GPS nowadays.
2. Galileo’s Theory that the earth is round and Heliocentric (theory that revealed Sun as the center of orbit system). This one had been taught to us for ages. How’s it gonna be?
3. Theory of Newton Gravitation.
4. Eclipse Theory. How does it work in flat earth?
5. Horizon Theory that proved the earth is curved
6. Does it affect the aviation? (If the earth is flat how an airplane did return flight from west to east?) Columbus theory.
7. What about Space station program? Does it all deceive?
8. Is there any history of flat earth in the past?

Are those points can be answered by the flat earth theory?

After the series of research, we discovered that those points can be answered by Flat Earth Theory. On this website we will talk about it, on by one in a simple and attractive way, so all of you can reading easily .

Let’s start from the first point, “Round Earth Pictures have been Taken with Satellites“.

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One thought on “Reveal The Truth About Flat Earth

  1. Kalau bicara tentang planet bumi (belum tentu planet) memang masih simpang siur tapi yg mengherankan seharusnya pelajaran sekolah kita berimbang donk antara heliosentrik & geosentrik.
    Tapi karena adanya video flatter ane baru sadar tentang orang yang namanya stepen hawking…ternyata orangnya kontroversial banget plus ateis mengemukakan teori black hole yang seakan2 dipaksakan kebenarannya meskipun akhirnya ujung2nya mengakui menyangkal teori tersebut.
    Pemaparan flatearth 101 sedikit banyak membuka wawasan ane untuk lebih belajar lagi ,tidak rugi beli kuota download ini video bahkan beberapa kali ane ulang2i lagi nontonnya utamanya pembahasan tentang elit global mungkin saya fans video anda yang ingin melakukan perubahan terhadap sistim yang zalim tapi tidak bisa berbuat apa- apa.
    Jaman dulu ane dengar kalo saintis yang membahas flat earth akan jadi buronan karena dianggap makar oleh pemerintah.
    Salam ama moderator flat earth semoga videonya cepat keluar lagi.
    rusdi dimakassar.

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