Space Nuclear Explosions by The United States and The Soviet Union in 1958

Apart from the stories of cold war between the United States and The Soviet Union, they were unified in conducting joint military operations. One of those was the latest antarctic expedition, Operation Deep Freeze (1956 to 1957). Read Reveal The Secret Behind The Antarctic.

Beginning of The Space Race

In 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite which was called Sputnik. Its function was actually not important. It was a ball that was beeping the signal. The horrendous thing was the launching itself, that could be considered as “making a good impression.” It was the first time in history, human could launch rocket to 577 km high. As if did not want to be left behind, The US were catching up in 1958 with satellite Explorer I and here is the start of the Space Race.

Operation HANE 1958-1962

Basically, The US and The Soviet Union both know that there is something very serious in space. So serious, they formed a military operation again for the space nuclear explosions for 4 years with the operation HANE, the High Altitude Nuclear Explosions. It used to be a top secret, but in 2012 the document of this space nuclear explosion has been able to be accessed for public. You may check Wikipedia!


It was written clearly the name of the operation, the location, and the nuclear power. Almost all of those nuclear powers are 1000 times more powerful than Hiroshima Nagasaki’s bomb in 1945. They had already found out that there is natural dome covering the earth. The invisible dome yet impenetrable and contains lethal radiation. It is so odd if there is anyone still believe that human can travel outer space while the sky is impenetrable.

As Ibnu Sina (980-1037) stated, “Solid but Transparent Spheres” or as Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) called as “Celestial Spheres” to be easier let’s call it The Earth Dome. Global Elite and Free Masson are the incarnation of the King Nimrod, who was building a tall tower to challenge God that caused severe flooding in the days of Noah. You can learn it in Torah.


The Global Elite did the same by doing nuclear space explosions. One of these projects was a nuclear rocket named Thor, it is after the name of a hammer-wielding god in mythology and paganism that is also associated with thunder, lightning, storms, and strength. The rocket was intended to be as powerful as Mjölnir or Thor’s hammer, that was designed to hit the dome of the sky.


Recently, the video of that 50 years-expired bombardment went viral. You may access it on youtube or check the list on Wikipedia.

This is one of the documentary videos of HANE with the name Operation Fishbowl with camouflage as a nuclear testing, that was actually an attempt to penetrate the space and also a good impression of space race.


Operation Fishbowl US Gov Films

Operation Dominic – Johnston Island US Gov Films

The names of the operations of space nuclear explosion contain symbols that against and challenging God such as operation Dominic, the meaning of Dominic itself is “belongs to God.” Another example is operation Fishbowl, a round glass aquarium which is a representation of Celestial Sky Dome made by God that needs to be destroyed.

It can be concluded here that the space travel and satellite are apparently lies and included as profit oriented business by making the international falsehoods and this already made a big amount of money.

We are often wondering how The United States as a super power country has debt? To who? To find out the answer, read Ways to Bankrupting Countries by The Global Elite (the article still made).

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