Reveal The Secret Behind the Antarctic

The Antarctic Expedition of Admiral Richard E. Byrd

admiral-richard-E-byrd-dan-antartikaThe important figure in Antarctic’s expedition is Admiral Richard E. Byrd, a Medal of Honor Recipient (the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces) naval officer. He was recorded as the first Flyer to fly to the Antarctic and the Arctic. We can tell he is the first man to know the secret behind the Antarctic.

He explored the antarctic for the first time in 1928 to 1930 with two ships and three airplanes. He returned to explore the Antarctic again in 1934 by himself for five months. His 3rd expedition conducted in 1939 to 1940 where he was commissioned by the US government.

Operation High Jump

operation-highjump-admiral-richard-e-byrdThe most phenomenal moment was his 4th expedition in 1946-1947 after the World War II, which is famous with the name “Operation High Jump” This time he brought a complete military forces, 13 ships, including aircraft carriers and 29 air crafts including helicopters. This is the biggest Antarctic exploration throughout the living of mankind.

The question is why was it necessary to bring the troops that big? What kind of danger to be feared? Until now the real purpose has not been revealed. Documentation of High Jump operation had ever circulated, it showed that Admiral Byrd discovered the Antarctic region which is not covered with snow and has warm water and can be considered as a proof of life behind the walls of the Antarctic ice. From the documents it is known that Antarctica is rich in mineral resources.

In an interview by Chile daily 1947, Admiral Byrd stated a surprising statement. He said, “America needs to do a defensive action to counter the enemy’s attack that comes from the South pole.”

Which enemy? Why did they come from the South pole? This mystery hasn’t been answered yet to this day.

Operation Deep Freeze

operation-deep-freeze-admiral-richard-e-byrdHis fifth expedition was in 1955 to 1957 which was known with the name Operation Deep Freeze that intended to build 3 military bases in Antarctica.

The question is, if the Antarctica is extremely rich in mineral resources why did they build military bases instead of exploiting the Antarctic’s mineral resources? As there are many companies exploited the Northern pole and never considered the low temperature as a problem. Still wondering why did they build military bases.

What are Byrd and Elite Global hiding?

In an interview, Byrd also mentioned about an area as wide as the United States of America’s size that hadn’t been discovered by anyone, is located in the other part of the Antarctic. From this statement it is very clear that Byrd did not refer to the round earth’s map because round earth’s map shows us, if we are passing through the Antarctic we will find the other continents on the South part of equator, there are South America, South Africa, or Australia.

Byrd was talking based on the flat earth’s map. From his statement we can conclude that if we pass through the Southern Pole, we can find the other side of the world which we have never learned before.

This is interesting, on the website of Library of Congress ( you can find a map as follows:


That map was discovered in a temple in Japan which was made around 1000 years ago. We can see the circle in the middle is the map of flat earth, the white circle is the circle of The Antarctica’s ice wall. On the other side of the wall, there are dozens of continents The United States land’s size. Is this what Byrd was talking about? Is this what Byrd mentioned as a threat to the earth?

Antarctic Treaty

In 1957 the Antarctic Treaty started and had been signed 2 years later, it is in 1959 where The Antarctic was declared as a restricted area.

The Beginning of Outer Space Competition

In 1957 Sputnik was launched which according to history was the first satellite made by Russia. That was the trigger to start the competition of Outer space between Russia and The US. A year after, NASA was established by the United States and this is where the story of the outer space, such as landed on the moon, satellite business, satellite transfer to Mars and Jupiter, begun.

Explosions by The US and The Soviet Union

In the year 1958, United States of America and The USSR were doing a joint mission to bomb the sky with nuclear for 4 years, to the year 1962 with the name Program HANE, High Altitude Nuclear Explosions. It was kept as a secret for years and even was considered as a Top Secret. But 50 years later, in 2012 that document was revealed to public. You may check it in detail on Wikipedia. The result from the bombing mission was THE SKY IS IMPENETRABLE.

There are 3 conclusions as the turning point of the world’s changing:

1.Politics: Antarctic Treaty in 1959, that intended to close The Antarctica for public.
2.Military : The Nuclear Sky bomb in 1958, the result of the mission was the sky is impenetrable.
3.Propaganda: Space Program in 1957 to 1958, while it has been proven that the sky is impenetrable.

We will discuss those three points in detail separately on the other articles.

You may watch the video of interview with Admiral Richard E Byrd as follows :

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