Photos of Round Earth from Satellite VS Flat Earth Theory

That title was made to deny the flat earth theory for our research need. In our research, we consider that Flat Earth theory is not a hoax or a mislead information that was delivered by certain agents (such an issue diversion), it is instead kind of social act from Flat Earth communities in the United States and European countries with intention to raise the awareness of people that the earth is flat. We can call it as People Power. 

Take a look at these official photos from NASA as follows:



You may check more satellites’ photos by visiting or search on Google images by typing the keyword “NASA satellite”. Take a look at them carefully! Are those real? Now, let’s do comparison with Hollywood’s effects as follows




gravity-gift-satelliteIf we take a look very carefully at those pictures above, both officials from NASA and those were made by Hollywood, all were made with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).The advancement of technology makes people hard to tell the differences between the CGI results and the real ones. But, to the computer animation experts it is an easy thing to differ. We collected photos of the earth released by NASA from 1975 to 2015, each photo has inconsistent color from year to year. We also tried to make verification of the authenticity from official earth photos were released by NASA, and the result was: those photos are FAKE. For more detail please visit “Verification That Official Photos by NASA are HOAX.”

nasa-globe-earth-photos-year-to-year Not only that, we also found a vintage video was released by NASA which has reflection from a camera. It proved that the video had been made inside a studio with taping properties.
Next question is, is there any of earth photos by NASA that is not the result from CGI? 
From our research the answer is NONE. (If any of you are able to find one, please contact us immediately!).

So, what about satellite? It has been told that there are 13,000 satellites on space (based on Google), and there are thousands of sophisticated telescopes on earth both radio telescope and optical telescope. Logically, if we are able to see other planets or stars from earth with telescope, should have we been able to see thousands of satellites also with the telescope?


How bizarre! It was claimed there are thousands of them, which are closer than Mars but there wasn’t even any of satellites ever captured by telescope and all we can get is only the CGI version of satellite and the news coverage of satellites’ launching on media.

You may browse the official publications from NASA on youtube and one of those is below

The conclusion is all the scenes on the video were made by CGI. If there is really no satellite so how do the GPS, Google Maps, Waze, or long distance phone call work?

How the GPS technology works

GPS is Global Positioning System, its function is to detect the position of someone or certain location everywhere, all around the world. All these times we were told that the GPS works with satellite.
Then, what if we’re saying that GPS does not require satellite? Can you believe that? This is what we’ve got when we found out via Google

You can see that My Location is not using the GPS technology which means does not require satellite, it is using telecommunication transmitter tower instead. So, all of us have been having perception that our smartphones work with satellite when google said they don’t.

So what about all the maps that were made by Google with sky view where all the buildings on earth can be seen, haven’t those been taken by satellite? From our research, Google Maps were made by Drone.


On flat earth, satellite is not required and we only need telecommunication transmitter tower. Actually, the GPS basic technology with tower have already existed since the year 1945 and was part of military technology in The World War II with name LORAN (Long Range Navigation).

So, is satellite a part of propaganda plan and mind control? If it is, who did it? We answer, YES, let’s call it the Elite Global, and for this part we will explain in detail on another article. This issue about flat earth is definitely not kind of nonsense, or a war of nerves and is not such an intelligence competition also. It actually has more fundamental issue which we need to figure out in our lives.

Next, let’s  investigate further to another question: 
How the Galileo stated that the earth is round and Heliocentric. (the article still made)

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