NASA Eclipse Calculation, Correct or Incorrect?

NASA Eclipse Calculation

At school we had been taught that a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth into its umbra (shadow) which is in round shape, a phenomenon that is impossible to happen if the earth is flat. NASA can predict the lunar eclipse that detail to the definite hours and minutes. We, as common people will think that NASA had already calculated the distance between the moon and earth, so from that calculation the eclipse could be predicted precisely. The question is, does it really happen exactly like we had been taught? Let’s prove it.

First, let us check NASA website and find out the NASA Eclipse Calculation version.


On that website NASA explained they can calculate the eclipse by using SAROS CYCLE. It is a calculation method that had been made by the ancient Babylonese thousand years ago.


They analyzed that an eclipse is a routine phenomenon just like the occurrence of day and night. They calculated the eclipse from time to time so that the SAROS CYCLE could be made. According to the claculation, lunar eclipse and solar eclipse occur every 18 years and 11 days 8 hours, and this is a fact. They utilized the fundamental of geocentric theory to have the result from that accurate calculation.

According to the Saros Cycle NASA can calculate the eclipse from the year of 1901 to 2045.


From here, NASA made the illustration of the eclipse phenomenon as if such prediction were made based on the calculation of the movement of the earth and moon around the sun (heliocentric). Though they use saros cycle that has nothing to do with the shape of the earth. So if the earth is square, round, trapezoid or triangular, the calendar (cycle saros) remains unchanged.

The question is, why wouldn’t NASA make the mathematics calculation with heliocentric theory?

NASA explained the distance between moon and the earth is 240,000 miles or 384,000 kilometers and that calculation was obtained by Aristarchus of Samos (310-210 BC) 2300 years ago where he calculated those with trigonometric formula when the solar eclipse occurred with assumption the moon gets in the way of the earth’s round shaped umbra (shadow).


Aristarchus assumption, the moon gets in the way of the earth’s round shaped umbra, the results:

1. The moon’s distance from the earth is 384,400 km
2. Diameter of the moon is 3,474 km (1/3,7 from the earth)
3. The sun’s distance is 149,6 million km (400 times of distance between the moon and the earth).
4. Diameter of the sun is 1,35 million km (400 times of the moon size)

Is this a fact? The answer, all those calculations are INCORRECT. No matter how great you are calculating, the numbers will not be able to prove the occurrence of eclipses in accordance with saros cycle, because all the figures are only assumption and those are incorrect. Thus NASA is still using saros cycle as a reference.

Direct Nature Observation Result

Direct nature observation shows the opposite, that the sun is not as big and not as far as assumed by NASA, look at this picture!


The sun is not that big, we can see the reflection of its reflection in the cloud, the reflection that will not happen if the sun is in further distance and as big as NASA stated.

Furthermore, check these photograph!


On the earth’s surface we can see the sunlight penetrates and extends from behind the clouds, which will not happen if the sun is far away and the earth is curved.


They argued that it was caused by the atmosphere, whereas if the earth is curved with the corvex atmosphere, the light will be narrowed, not widened.

We can try this phenomenon by making holes in a carton (as patterns for cloud), and then irradiated with light. Visible light will widen if the light source is close, and would not widen if the light source away.


This proves that the sun is near and Local (only around the earth).

From that, trigonometric formula can be implemented more real by measuring the degree of slope of the sun that can be measured from the shadows on the earth, which requires at least three different locations. The tool to be utilized is triangulation which is used to measure the height of a building or mountain.


The result:
1. The distance of the sun is 3.583 ml or 5,766 km.
2. The diameter of the sun is 32 ml or 51,5 km.
3. The moon and the sun have almost the same diameter

So that the distance of the moon and sun can be measured without the need of waiting for the eclipse.

The Moon Has Its Own Rays

gb68The Moon has its own rays that is different from the sun. While the sunlight is hot, the moonlight is actually cold. Hence the effect of moonlight is different on animals when compared with the effect of sunlight. The sun and the moon is a symbol of natural balance, yin and yang.

If you do not believe it, check the moonlight’s temperature using a digital thermometer. Calculate the areas affected by the moonlight that is not exposed to moonlight. The results that are affected by the moonlight will be cooler compared to those that are not exposed. This means that the moon radiates its own light and is not reflected by the hot sunlight.

Moon’s shape is not round, it is like a transparent disk instead, there used to be a symbol of the moon and stars, that as if the stars were seen penetrating the moon.



1. NASA’s perception that the earth and the moon are rotating around the sun is wrong, because NASA uses saros cycle that has nothing to do with the shape of the earth.
2.NASA made the heliocentric earth propaganda with miscalculated numerical calculation with the other words cannot be calculated.

Didn’t those explanations make sense? Then we will discuss about the Horizon Phenomenon that proves the earth’s curvature, right or missed?

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